Congratulations to 2022 MDVIP Ambassadors

After reviewing all the nominees who became official members of the MDVIP Ambassadors Club last year, the committee selected three grand prize ambassadors. We thank all of the deserving practice ambassadors who provided an extraordinary experience for their members. Please join us in a virtual round of applause and standing ovation for:


Brianna Trujillo-Chavez | First PlaceBrianna Trujillo-Chavez

Medical Assistant

Office of Mark J. Stevens, DO
7123 Prospect Place NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110


Brianna "Bri" Trujillo-Chavez started in our practice in March of 2020 as an MA student trying to accumulate her clinical hours. This was right at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, and our staff MA quit suddenly while we were in the process of a location change. Bri's school withdrew her student posting due to COVID restrictions, but Bri chose to volunteer in our practice to help us pack, move and manage patient care until a registered MA could be hired. She was able to complete her clinical training hours and was hired immediately as our only full-time MA. Bri arrives an hour early every day to prepare for her AWP part 1 patients and has exceptional clinical skills and rapport with our members. One of our patients gets nervous about office visits and registers elevated BP readings. Bri was kind enough to make trips to her home two to three times a week for two months to take her BP in a relaxed environment. Bri is exceptionally good with patients and very dependable.


Tammy Posey | Second PlaceTammy Posey

Medical Assistant

Office of Jennifer Fretz, DO
1570 Kingsway Court
Suite 1
Trenton, MI 48183


I had a heart attack in May 2022. Although I had no idea WHAT was happening to me, I called Dr. Fretz, and she wanted to see me immediately. When I got to her office, I fell in the parking lot. I made my way into the office and saw Tammy. Things are kind of fuzzy after this. All I remember is Tammy driving me to the hospital. After a week in the hospital, I found out that Tammy took care of EVERYTHING for me. She got my car back to my home, took care of my dogs, brought my phone charger to the hospital, and a MILLION other things! She checked up on me every day and I am forever thankful for all she did! Above and beyond is an understatement. Just thanking her after my traumatic experience, I break into tears. I have no family nearby and Tammy has become my forever sister. She went way out of her way to make sure my farm, my animals and me were receiving the VERY best of care. She deserves an award! Because of her, I am well on my way to better health...body, mind and soul.

Kierstan Aponte | Third PlaceKierstan Aponte

Medical Office Coordinator

Office of Diana Tyler Rocks, DO, FACOI
200 Lakeside Drive
Suite 222
Horsham, PA 19044


Kierstan has been a source of strength and support for both me and my patients. We have been short-staffed over the past few months, and Kierstan has stepped up in many ways to improve the office experience for our patients. Her energy and smile are contagious, and she always finds a way to connect with each patient to make everyone feel special. For example, one of our more elderly patients had fractured her ankle requiring her to see a new specialist. This patient has trouble driving and was so anxious and afraid to go by herself that was going to cancel her much-needed appointment. On the day of this patient’s appointment, Kierstan happened to be off for her birthday. However, she promised the patient she would help her drive to her appointment and even stayed with her until it was over ensuring that she got home safely That is the sort of care and concern Kierstan has for all our patients. She deserves all the praise one can give for being the backbone of our practice.


If someone in your MDVIP-affiliated practice has made a difference in your life and deserves to be recognized, nominate them to be a part of the 2022 MDVIP Ambassadors Club by visiting » 

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