MDVIP Ambassador Amy Maza

Joseph DeRosa, MD
By Joseph DeRosa, MD
August 17, 2018

Amy Maza, who works for MDVIP affiliate Dr. Joseph DeRosa in West Field, NJ, is an MDVIP Ambassador for going above and beyond the call of duty and making her patients feel welcome, valued and loved.

"The person who is most impactful in my life is my mother. She is the strongest person I know. As a child, she lost her father to an untimely death. Later, with three young children, my father died, and she was left to raise us on her own. Although she was met with adversity in her life, she never lost faith. She is strong and kind. She never says anything bad about anyone and always gives people the benefit of the doubt. If you asked, she would give you the shirt off her back. Her motto is ‘no matter what life throws you, you must keep forging ahead.’ My mother is a phenomenal human being." -- Amy Maza

Noteworthy Nominations:

Amy is the first and last person you see in our office. She's the super glue that holds this office together. She always greets you with a smile whether she got any sleep from being up with her two little ones at night. She's patient and kind and always has patience when dealing with our patients young or old. She runs our front office like a tight ship, nothing gets by her. She's always there to lend a helping hand when needed. She goes above and beyond for our patients. ts. She not only takes wonderful medical care of them, but emotionally. She will go see them in nursing homes on her own time, take them out to bingo so they can socialize, and even take them for a ride in her 57 T-bird, just so they can get out. We have a 90-year-old patient who she has invited to ride in her 57 T-bird, and the patient couldn't be more thrilled for that invite. She has given some of her own equipment to them, such as a walker following surgery, and took one of our patients a potty chair when he got sick. She went with one of our patients to surgery and stayed with her until she woke up, because the patient requested her to be there, and felt that she made her feel very calm, and it made her feel safe that Peggy was there. She lent one of our patients a knee walker when he needed it.
--Employee of Dr. DeRosa

Amy works tirelessly for our members. Recently, a patient, Tom, was doing quite poorly with many neurologic symptoms. He was clearly doing poorly, and, had been transferred to Florida. Through intensive calls, encouragement, scheduling & follow up we were able to get him involved in PT in Florida. Amy strongly encouraged proper sleep & exercise, along with stretching compliance & therapy. Efforts like this go a long way to exemplifying the MDVIP experience.
--Employee of Dr. DeRosa

Amy works tirelessly for our members. Recently, a patient, Pablo, sustained an injury playing soccer. Amy was able to immediately obtain an office visit for the patient, and, helped us to arrange stat X Rays (and reports). On the following morning, Amy had the results to the patient, and new medication doses called in before 9am. She even corresponded with the Radiologist. Efforts like this go a long way to exemplifying the MDVIP experience.
--Employee of Dr. DeRosa

Amy arrives every day early & ready to serve our patient. In addition, she has a keen sense of urgency. Our patient, Ed, called us last week with worsening back pain. Amy was able to immediately obtain an office visit for the patient, and, helped us to arrange stat labs & X Rays (and reports). Unfortunately, conservative medical care did not have a sustained effect. On the following week, I was out of town for 2 days. Even in my absence, Amy was able to effectively triage Ed’s worsening symptoms with me, and, arrange immediate MRI evaluation with Insurance coverage. This is quite a feat in today’s era of volume based & cost limiting healthcare delivery. The test results made a huge impact, as the patient is already receiving successful treatment. Effective and patient focused care & service is what makes our practice, personalized healthcare, MDVIP and, especially Amy, so important to our highly valued patients and members. 
--Employee of Dr. DeRosa

About the Physician
Joseph DeRosa, MD

I have been a physician specializing in internal medicine and primary care for over 20 years. My approach to your care begins with creating and maintaining an environment of comfort, caring, trust and individualized service. 

When my patients are at the office, they are the focus of my attention with no interruption, delay or time constraints. The commitment to your health and wellness cannot be rushed. My smaller practice affords my staff and me the time to provide advanced screenings and tests to help identify risk factors and diagnosis and treat issues as early and effectively as possible. We also can focus on planning, prevention and comprehensive coordination of your care. My affiliation with MDVIP has helped me to achieve and improve upon these goals and principles with particular emphasis on cardiac care, bone health, respiratory care, diabetes, fitness, nutrition and more. Similar to concierge medicine practices, I also offer conveniences like same- or next-day appointments that start on time. 

Our new state-of-the-art building and facility were designed with overall patient comfort and care in mind. My two long-time nurses, Amy and Lisa, have established personal relationships with each patient, allowing for the highest level of attention and follow-up care. 

Having grown up in Westfield, New Jersey, I am an active member of this close-knit community and am proud of my family’s interest and involvement within the community as well. Located in the heart of Westfield, my personalized healthcare practice serves many surrounding areas of Union County and beyond. I am on staff at Overlook Hospital in Summit. 

In 2014, I successfully passed my third American Board of Internal Medicine exam. The completion of this rigorous exam underscores my desire as an internist to stay highly trained and abreast of the most current diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in the field of internal medicine. 

Although I maintain a small and intimate practice, I am always interested in meeting potential patients who share the same goals for their health.

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