MDVIP Ambassador Michelle Montler

Leslie C. Murphy, MD
By Leslie C. Murphy, MD
August 17, 2018

Michelle Montler, who works for MDVIP affiliate Dr. Leslie Murphy in Pinehurst, NC, is an MDVIP Ambassador for going above and beyond the call of duty and making her patients feel welcome, valued and loved.

"The person who is most impactful in my life is my older brother Michael Montler. He is my hero, my rock and has a great attitude about life. He is even-tempered, and his motto is simple: regardless of what life throws your way, accept it, live with it and move on." -- Michelle Montler

Noteworthy Nominations:

The smartest hire Dr. Murphy made was hiring Michelle Montler as the office manager. Michelle is a woman of many skills and talents yet her genuine caring for the patients who seek her help is extraordinary. She is a one-stop service provider, answering our multiple questions and listening to our individual situations. She was a strong reason I encouraged my husband to switch doctors. In fact, when my husband wanted to enroll, Michelle came in to the office on a weekend to process his application and help him get set up online. I must admit I probably abuse Michelle by requesting her help over other office staff because she delivers and promptly. No delays with Michelle in finding answers. Merle Shain, a favorite author of mine, wrote that the people in one's life are like the pillars on one's porch you see life through. Sometimes they hold you up and sometimes it's just enough to know they're standing by. Michelle Montler is our pillar of support, and we are so very thankful.
--Patient of Dr. Murphy 

Michelle is the perfect complement to what I believe embodies the goal of MD VIP which is to provide the best and most personalized professional health care services possible. She is not only unfailingly polite but very responsive to my various needs and concerns. In sum, her attention to detail and professional knowledge makes her contribution to the practice invaluable. Accordingly, she is not only a credit to Dr. Murphy's practice but to the face of MD VIP as well. 
--Patient of Dr. Murphy 

Michelle is an amazing advocate for Dr. Murphy's patients, including me. One example: Last week I had a medical situation; Dr. Murphy recommended an ultrasound. Michelle was able to schedule one for the next morning. That test indicated the need for a CT scan and Michelle was able to get one scheduled for the afternoon within hours of the ultrasound. Another situation involved my husband, who had fallen and injured his leg. He called Dr. Murphy's office and Michelle was able to get my husband in for an appt. a few hours later at the radiologist's where he could have an x-ray. We think Michelle goes "above and beyond" in serving patients in a pleasant, professional manner. We're grateful for her and recommend her for the Ambassador' Club.
--Patient of Dr. Murphy

I have been a patient of Dr. Murphy for about 5 years and Michelle has been the office manager who has treated us with professionalism, efficiency, and competence in all areas of her work. Her personal quality stands out, but, even more is her willingness to help in times of special need and having timely responses. She administrates not only her job well but, also, the staff around her in a caring manner. On several occasions Michelle has gone beyond the call of duty checking on me on the weekend and calling during sickness. She exemplifies all the qualities stated in the Practice Ambassador. Michelle Montler is a wonderful asset to the medical practice of Dr. Leslie Murphy as well as to MDVIP. 
--Patient of Dr. Murphy 

About the Physician
Leslie C. Murphy, MD

My goal is to provide excellent healthcare in a safe, willing environment with an emphasis on lifestyle, wellness and prevention.

Many diseases have their roots and etiologies in our lifestyle choices. I believe by encouraging and empowering patients and partnering with them we can continue together on a journey towards better health. I hope to be a part of a community of those who believe we can work towards better health by making better choices with food, exercise and lifestyle. With doing that we can reduce the cost of medicine in our lives and in our country, freeing those resources for things that really matter to us as individuals.

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