Jack E. Yakish, MD

Family Medicine
3822 Colonial Avenue Suite A
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Jack E. Yakish, MD

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My goal as a primary care physician is to form close partnerships with my patients. I refuse to allow the wedge of assembly-line medicine to impact my practice. 

In my new personalized healthcare practice, my patients experience unparalleled attention to their unique needs and goals, which is of paramount importance to helping them be well and stay well. Due to my smaller practice size, my patients and I have time to get to know one another and gain mutual respect, trust and open communication. As a private doctor, I also have time to focus on prevention and wellness through advanced diagnostics, thorough exams and customized action plans. Similar to conveniences often associated with concierge medicine practices, I also offer same- or next-day appointments that start on time.

The doctor-patient relationships nurtured in my practice support a return to the proper values of healthcare. This is a goal for which I have always passionately strived, a goal that my patients and family know is deep in my heart and a goal that we are now able to collectively attain! 

Although I practice family medicine, I have interests in hyperlipidemia, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular health and diagnostics. I am affiliated with St. Vincent Health Center Hospital, part of the Allegheny Health Network. My practice is located in Erie, Pennsylvania and serves the communities of Mill Creek, Fairview, Girard, Waterford, Corry, Edinboro, Harbor Creek and Ripley, New York.

Dr. Yakish's Credentials

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St. Vincent Health Center
Erie, PA
Family Medicine 1981-1984

Medical School:
Hahnemann University
Philadelphia, PA
Doctorate of Medicine 1981

Gannon University
Erie, PA
Bachelor of Science 1981

American Board of Family Practice
St. Vincent Health Center
2020 Pinnacle of Excellence Award, Press Ganey
Best Doctors in America 1996-1997
Best Doctors in America 2007-2008
Preceptor Award, St. Vincent Health Center Residency Program 1994
Parke Davis Teacher Development Award
American Academy of Family Physicians 1984
Co-Medical Director, Manchester Presbyterian Lodge Nursing Home 1996-2012
Medical Director, St. Vincent Complementary Care Center 1998-2000
Preceptor, St. Vincent Health Center, Family Medicine Residency 1992-1996
St. Vincent Health Center
- Committee Member, Medical Executive Committee 2001-2013
- Chairman, Medical Staff Quality Committee 2004-2013
- Chairman, Multi-Specialty Peer Review Committee 2004-2011
Preceptor, St. Vincent Health Center, Family Medicine Residency 1992-1996
Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society
American Academy of Family Physicians
Pennsylvania Medical Society
Erie County Medical Society

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Testimonials from patients of Dr. Yakish

from Max in PA March 29, 2020 for Jack E. Yakish, MD

I met Dr. Yakish as a fellow physician in the mid 1990's. I took notice of his professionalism, commitment, compassion, and enthusiasm. Eventually, I asked him to be my family physician, and then later, my wife and sons physician as well. A few years ago, my mother was diagnosed with metastatic cancer, and required hospice homecare. My wife and I were her primary caregivers, taking turns… See more

from Sheila in PA March 16, 2020 for Jack E. Yakish, MD

I knew Dr. Yakish because he affiliated at the same hospital where I taught pediatric nursing for twenty years. I have a complicated medical history but he agreed to take me on when I developed a severe complication he was right there every step of the way. He also provide expertise and moral support when I was waiting for a biopsy to be done and then the results.

from Judith in PA March 14, 2020 for Jack E. Yakish, MD

Dr. Yakish has been my PCP for more than 20 years. A few months ago I developed a swollen ankle (only symptom) that wouldn’t go away - even with rest. After a couple of days of conventional treatment, he sent me for an ultrasound. The diagnosis was a blood clot from my ankle to my groin! I was immediately put on a Xeralto regime. If he hadn’t checked on this further, I may have died. Thank you… See more

from Rich in PA March 10, 2020 for Jack E. Yakish, MD

Doc. Yakkish is not only a great doctor but I considered him as a friend just as well, (along with his whole staff, Mary Ellen, Amanda & Debbie.

from Linda in PA February 29, 2020 for Jack E. Yakish, MD
Image provided by: Linda

I am grateful for Dr Yakish for the many times he has saved the day for me. Like interpreting difficult to understand reports from other hospitals, coordinating care with other doctors, taking my panicked calls in the middle of the night, always getting me in on the same day, helping me when I’m out of the country or in another city, being as equally knowledgeable and professional with every… See more

from Sam in PA February 28, 2020 for Jack E. Yakish, MD

Jack you r doing a great job.
Hope you r not going to retire for a while
Keep up the good work

from Kathleen in PA March 18, 2018 for Jack E. Yakish, MD

Thirty years ago when my two children were very young, their pediatrician retired and I can remember feeling very concerned and worried that I would not find another doctor as good or trustworthy as he. After researching and asking friends for recommedations, we chose Dr. Yakish as our family physician. I have never looked back nor have I ever regretted that decision. It was probably one of… See more

from Elizabeth in PA March 13, 2018 for Jack E. Yakish, MD

I have never felt better taken care of than I have with Dr. Jack Yakish and his team at Westminster Family Practice. New health problems seem to appear out of nowhere as I get older, yet paradoxically enough, I am a better and a stronger person because of the support I receive under the care of this physician. Because of Dr. Jack, even as I wrestle with challenges, I am given the tools and… See more

from Janet in PA March 10, 2018 for Jack E. Yakish, MD

Dr. Yakish,
I can't thank you enough for giving me the stern wake up call I needed.
I read the book you gave me (The Calorie Myth) and suddenly it all made sense.
I decided I wasn't going to be another statistic. I now do 30 minutes of cardio everyday and follow the diet recommendations. I have lost 42 pounds and feel wonderful!!! You told me I could do it. And… See more