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Internal Medicine
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Matthew Brumbaugh, MD, MSW

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507.50 every 3 months *
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*The lab portion of the annual MDVIP Wellness Program will be billed to patients directly by the lab company at the discounted rate of $70.

My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I came to the vocation of medicine after training as a Master's level social worker. During my training and work as a clinical social worker, I practiced a "biopsychosocial model”. This model stresses that the medical, psychological and social components of a person's life are integrated and cannot be addressed in isolation. To truly address a patient's needs and achieve optimal functioning in an effective manner, I had to know and address all the components of the person's being. In affiliating with MDVIP, my goal is to get to know my patients better and to use that knowledge to help each patient develop an individualized healthcare plan that will help improve their health and well-being, employing the many strengths that they bring to our therapeutic relationship. 

I am a general internist trained to treat the non-surgical problems that we encounter as we age. I trained at the Warren Alpert School of Medicine of Brown University for both medical school and residency, and I have practiced as a board-certified internist in Rhode Island since 2012. Having trained and practiced in the area, I am very familiar with the various specialists in this region. If patients should require consultation or treatment by a specialist, my relationships with these specialists will be of benefit to my patients and their often specific needs. 

My MDVIP-affiliated practice, often compared to a concierge medicine practice, offers conveniences like same- or next-day appointments. We serve Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

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Telemedicine Option: I am also using telemedicine visits to stay connected with my patients when they are unable to see me in the office. It is easy to do, and we have maintained our momentum with preventive health goals and chronic care during difficult times.

Dr. Brumbaugh's Credentials

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Brown University
Providence, RI
Internal Medicine 2010-2012

Brown University
Providence, RI

Medical School:
Alpert Medical School of Brown University
Providence, RI
Doctorate of Medicine 2009

New York University, Silver (Ehrenkranz) School of Social Work
New York, NY
Master of Social Work 2000

Bryn Mawr College
Bryn Mawr, PA
Postbaccalaureate, Pre-medicine 2005

University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI
Bachelor of Arts, Religion 1993
Graduated with Distinction

Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
Rhode Island Hospital
Beckwith Family Award for Outstanding Teaching, Brown Medical School 2015
Clinical Assistant Faculty Member, Alpert Medical School 2012-present
American College of Physicians
Rhode Island

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from Jeffrey in RI March 10, 2024 for Matthew Brumbaugh, MD, MSW

My wife and I requested a transfer and did a meet and greet with Dr. Matthew Brumbaugh. We were impressed with his dedication, education and experience. Less than a week later I was experiencing some pressure in my chest and a racing heart. I called Dr Brumbaugh’s office and he was on vacation. Sue, his assistant, said no worries as there was a covering doctor and told me to come into the… See more

from Patricia in RI March 9, 2024 for Matthew Brumbaugh, MD, MSW
Image provided by: Patricia

Our incredible doctor made it possible for us to travel to the other side of the planet while knowing that we are healthy and that we have all the resources we need to enjoy our Tahiti and French Polynesian adventure. Thanks so much for the peace of mind. 

from Sheldon in RI February 12, 2024 for Matthew Brumbaugh, MD, MSW

Dr. Matthew Brumbaugh is my internist. He is an old fashioned doctor with extensive modern knowledge. He responds quickly to calls from me, listens and understands my issues taking into account my emotional, family as well as medical state in providing an answer in a calm pleasant manner. No question I ask or call I make to him is too silly or foolish. His medical knowledge is up-to-date and… See more

from Charlotta in RI February 11, 2024 for Matthew Brumbaugh, MD, MSW

I moved to Rhode Island from Illinois in April 2013 and needed a new dermatologist, dentist, eye dr, gynecologist and primary physician. I first met dr. Bandow, the dermatologist, whose care I needed immediately. While at MARI in Bristol, her staff wanted to know who my primary was. My answer, of course, was that I didn't have one yet. They told me that dr. Brumbaugh, at the same location, was… See more

from Sally in RI January 23, 2024 for Matthew Brumbaugh, MD, MSW
Image provided by: Sally

I had my annual Wellness Visit in December of 2023 with Dr. Matthew Brumbaugh of Bristol, RI. For sure we had lots to talk about. In the previous 15 months I had experienced a fractured hip; new case of Covid from my hospital stay; long covid 5 months later; diagnosed with Advanced Heart Failure in early spring and topped it off with a fractured knee in mid-summer. But when Dr. “B” suggested (… See more

from DOUGLAS ANGELA in RI January 22, 2024 for Matthew Brumbaugh, MD, MSW

January 22, 2024
Subject: MDVIP Dr. Matthew Brumbaugh, MD, MSW

Dr. Matthew Brumbaugh RATES -- TRIPLE E : EXCEPTI0NAL, EXTRAORDINARY, AND EXEMPLARY! A rare find in medicine today!

My wife Angela and I, Douglas Ellis, have participated in Dr. Matthew Brumbaugh’s
MDVIP practice since inception. We are both in our 70s years of age.
We desire to make it known… See more

from ELIZABETH in RI January 22, 2024 for Matthew Brumbaugh, MD, MSW

Standard labs in advance of a routine physical revealed elevated inflammation markers in my blood. Dr. Brumbaugh conducted a series of tests to determine the source of the aberration. After eliminating a number of potential causes, he had me meet with a doctor who conducted a biopsy, and diagnosed me with a cancer that required surgery. It turned out to be the case that my cancer was already… See more

from Sheila in RI March 21, 2023 for Matthew Brumbaugh, MD, MSW

Over the three years Dr. Brumbaugh has been my MDVIP doctor, he has demonstrated a personalized and holistic approach to helping me manage both a life-threatening disease and a number of unrelated ailments. I have absolute confidence that all my questions and concerns will be addressed and that together we will plan a course of action that promotes my physical and mental wellbeing. dr.… See more