12 Years of Discomfort

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| January, 30 2024 | for AJ Ronan, DO

I have had discomfort in abdomen for a little over 12 years. I have been put on 5 different antacids. Each time I am prescribe a new one, the symptoms subside, but comes back. A Dr. changes to a new script, and the cycle continues. No Dr. ever really seemed to listen to what I tell them. They would nod, yes, I understand, that's why we are going to switch to this medicine. And the cycle continues. Finally, I found Dr. Ronan!!! We discussed it, he leaned towards the Gall Bladder, has sent me for tests, even though the tests come back that everything fine, he didn't really drop the issue. He increased the current medicine, which like in the past, symptoms went away, but this time when they came back, he still leaned towards a faulty Gall Bladder. He referred me to a general surgeon. I have an upcoming appointment for further testing. Even though we have not gotten to the bottom of the discomfort yet. It is clear that I have found a Dr. that is actually listening to me as a patient, a person not just a number for the 10 minutes allowed. But actually treated like a human with medical needs. I could not be happier that I have Dr. Ronan as my primary care physician. I recommend him constantly! Thanks Doc!!!