In 1994, my mother came to live with us.

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| February, 26 2014 | for Vasilios C. Kalonaros, MD
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In 1994, my mother came to live with us. One day she needed emergency room care at our local hospital. Not having a local internist, she was assigned to a young physician, Dr. Vasilios Kalonaros. Immediately she recognized and liked his caring manner. Eventually the entire family used his practice. During the last twenty years, he has treated all of us with the same kind and caring knowledge. When he joined MDVIP, there was no question in our minds. We were joining too. To know you have a physician who genuinely cares, who you can reach day or night with just a phone call, and who takes his time to listen says it all ! Thank you Dr. Kalonaros.....Sincerely