24 hr. Drive Thru Pharmisist was sure I would not reach my Dr.'s Office

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| March, 26 2020 | for John T. Heidrick, DO, FAAFP
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Date: Someday
I was very ill and needed more antibiotic's late Friday night on a 3 day weekend and I drove to the 24Hr Pharmacy and requested the Pharmacist to Please call my Dr. on his cell and get the refill approval she needed. She insisted that No Doctor would answer on a holiday weekend and for me to call back in 4 days to see if it was ready. I begged her to just call the number and she refused. I then pulled into the closest parking spot and called Dr. Heidrick on his cell and explained the situation and asked him to please call the Pharmacist personally and refill the Antibiotic's to clear up my infection, he said not to worry and to drive back up to window in a few moments. I had just seen him days before and we discussed that I may need a second round to be fully healed. I was so Thankful for having MDVIP and a Doctor that cares more about his patients well being than any other Doctor I've ever known. Okay, I admit that I also felt a little Spoiled and Special as I began rolling down my window to the awaiting Pharmacist whom was eager to know who my Doctor was and why he would share his cell with Patients? She also asked many questions about the office, staff, MDVIP and cost of course! I explained all of the above and beyond tests annually and she stated that the cost was cheap... compared to the expensive testing. I do not know if she ever visited with Dr. H and his amazing staff or became a patient. I wouldn't ask due to Privacy and HEPA laws, however I know that she was very impressed and not only did I continue my needed treatment, but I also enjoyed the high class, top notch treatment we as patients with MDVIP Doctors are provided and often forget to show appreciation for being part of such an advanced and priority health care system. So for all of the unspoken I've got the Best Doctor and Staff and never mentioned gratitude for "Just knowing that I can call 24-7 and asked personal medical advice or let Dr. lecture me for not being vigilant enough about my own health.- You're time spent taking care of me and my loved ones... is appreciated more than you would ever allow me to share verbally! - We've been together for over 15 Years and since you've been with MDVIP- It feels more personal and it's wonderful to see you have time for your interests, staying up on new healthcare advancements, family time and your own hobbies and interest's. You deserve to be more than just satisfied with life... you deserve much Praise and Happiness with your established and successful career. Now your able to spend time with Charlotte 'your beautiful wife, whom stood on the sidelines (beside you mentally) as your personal cheerleader while raising the family, as you overworked to someday Enjoy Life! BTW- The Date is Someday!