2nd Chance at Life

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| March, 30 2024 | for J. Rick Adams, MD

Dr. Adams has been my Doctor for many years, and words cannot begin to express my deepest Gratitude for being Blessed with such a Dedicated, Caring, Compassionate, and very Knowledgeable Doctor that he is. Having faced death in 2018 with all major organs failing and paralyzes, Dr. Adams was part of the team that saved my life and has been on this journey with me to date. I'm able to walk today and all major organs are functioning due to his admitting me to Katy Rehab, then Assisted Living with physical therapy, and at Home therapy he ordered. He continues to oversee my care regularly. It's a miracle I'm alive today, so Easter weekend is the perfect time to recognize my wonderful Faith-based Doctor and say, Thank You Dr. Adams for being my Life-Saving Hero!!!