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| March, 6 2024 | for Adelia B. Brannen, MD

To Whom it May Concern: Dr. Adelia Brannen has been my primary care physician for over 20 years. In that time, she has seen me through many health issues. Each and every time, Dr. Brannen made me feel like her only patient. In 2018, I fell and broke my Hip. Went via ambulance to the hospital and who shows up there shortly after my arrival: Dr Brannen…..to check on me. During the Covid time I also fell and hit my head; I called Dr Brannen and she immediately referred me to a neurologist and he actually contacted me the same day via video conference followed by MRI etc. Just another example that was just recently; I had just entered my shower and noticed feeling somewhat weak; next thing I know I find myself laying on my back on the shower floor and it is ”raining” on me. Had to wait to be strong enough to crawl out. Made an appointment to see Dr Brannen and she sent me straight to the ER. A few days later, at a follow up visit with Dr Brannen, she also had the results from the ER and advised me to make an appointment as soon as possible with my Gastroenterologist. I was lucky to get that appointment the very next day and was in the waiting room when I received a call from Dr. Brannen. She was worried whether I had been able to get an appointment. Which Physician do you know….. who takes such care of his/her patients? There are so many times that I am so very grateful to have such a concerned physician. To me it seems that we have shared a rare closeness between doctor and patient, but I suspect that all of Dr. Brannen's patients feel that way. I would highly recommend Dr. Adelia Brannen to anyone seeking a primary care physician and for any award for which she may be a candidate.