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| January, 19 2024 | for Laurie B. Feuer, MD
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I started having stomach pains about 10 pm on Tuesday, January 2. They continued to worsen and keep me awake from 2am on. My husband left around 6:30am for an out of town meeting. By 7:30 am I was in severe pain and knew something was wrong. My daughter was flying in from New York for a visit and I texted her that I was ill and unable to pick her up from the airport. I contacted Dr. Feuer's assistant, Samantha at 9:30am by text. Samantha called me and had me describe my symptoms, I could barely speak by this time. Dr. Feuer personally contacted me a few minutes later and instructed me to immediately go to an urgent care facility or ER. When I told her I was alone, she offered to call an ambulance for me. My daughter, arrived a few minutes later and immediately loaded me up and transported me to the closest ER. Of course, it was a very busy day with the waiting room full and no available rooms. After 3 hours, my bloodwork was run. We were told that all values were normal. My daughter accessed the results through My Chart and shared them with Dr. Feuer, who immediately saw high levels/discrepancies and informed my daughter that I needed a CT scan ASAP to determine what was wrong. My daughter spoke with the check-in nurse relaying Dr. Feuer's concerns and request for further assessment. It took 2 more hours for them to perform the CT scan and get results. It was determined that I had a small bowel obstruction. It was after 5pm by this time, but I was placed in an ER triage room and surgery was notified. With Dr. Feuer's quick assessment, I was scheduled for emergency surgery that occurred at 9pm Wednesday night. Dr. Feuer kept in touch with my daughter for continued updates. Dr. Feuer called me the next morning to get an update on my surgery and results. Due to her vigilance, my small bowel obstruction was repaired and I was released from the hospital on Thursday evening. She continued to text me the next few days for updates on my progress. Without Dr. Feuer's instructions and intervention, along with my daughter, I could have continued to have been ignored in the ER or even sent home. Dr. Feuer saved me from potential severe small bowel damage requiring extensive surgery and recovery time.