AFIB on Vacation

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| March, 10 2024 | for David R. Trevino, MD
Image provided by: Dave

Ten days ago, I was on vacation in Florida and after returning from the gym, I felt completely exhausted. I suspected I might be in AFIB, so I took a reading with my Kardia Mobile device and sure enough, I was in AFIB and my heart rate was 146 beats per minute! I texted Dr. David Trevino and sent him my EKG. He immediately forwarded it to my cardiologist. Within an hour I was contacted by my cardiologist's physician's assistant who prescribed a beta blocker to control my heart rate. The following evening (about 8PM) my blood pressure was 160/100. Being concerned, I texted Dr. Trevino. He got back to me immediately and gave me guidance related to the medication I should take to control both my blood pressure as well as the amount of beta blocker I should take to control my heart rate. The following morning, I sent him another EKG reading. He contacted my cardiologist again and they both agreed that as long as the medication he recommended was keeping my blood pressure and heart rate within a certain range, I could wait to see me cardiologist when I returned to Pennsylvania.

Dr. Trevino was there for me when I needed him and provided me with the peace of mind that I really needed especially given that I was 1100 miles from home. I am so happy that he is part of the MDVIP program and that he is my MDVIP doctor!