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| February, 20 2024 | for Scott A. Hammer, MD, FAAFP

I look at my life as a series of journeys. Much of my 67 years has been moving through the healthcare system in the United States with physicians that either couldn’t determine a course of effective care/treatment or was just uninterested in my case.
A very good friend of many years watched as one physician after the other either lost interest or couldn’t figure out a course of care that was appropriate for me. I had been referred from one doctor to another and I got disgusted with the medical community and I was ready to give up and just not seek medical attention any longer.
You see, I was born with cerebral palsy, which mine was not a severe case but I had physical challenges which became more challenging as I aged.
My friend talked about her doctor several times and I thought, wow, if I could only have an opportunity to talk to him, maybe he would take an interest in my case.
I knew he was not taking patients at the time so I just forgot about it.
One day I got a call from my friend and she told me he had an opening. I said “ I’m in if he will take me. She gave me his phone number and I called the office and told them that I was interested in meeting with Dr. Scott Hammer. I was aware of how MD VIP worked and I asked for an appointment.
About five minutes later I get a call back from Dr. Hammer‘s office and it was Dr. Hammer himself and that is now a wonderful working relationship with my primary care physician started. I never have had a doctor actually call and talk to me. This was the first time in my life that this had ever happened.
After speaking to him for about five minutes, I realized that this is where I need to be. This is the doctor I need to choose to work with me to get myself back in a healthy physical state. I have had a few medical challenges and he has pointed me in the right direction each time without batting, an eye. We work together as a team to get my health where needs to be. He is a kind, compassionate, intelligent, and caring doctor and in this day and time that is a rarity.
I know there are wonderful doctors throughout the United States, and I mean no disrespect whatsoever, but I can only speak about my own situation, and the many years that I have tried to find someone to actually care and listen and work with me to help me get to be the best that I can be physically.
I feel the best I have felt in many years.
I am truly blessed to have him as my primary care physician and to have him as part of my journey for as long as I can.