Always there when I need him

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| March, 11 2020 | for J. Cummins Couch III, MD

I started seeing Dr. Couch 2 years ago. I am a reasonably healthy women in my 60's, but being able to text or call him anytime I have a problem, or a question, rather than having to jump through hoops with a office staffer, makes it worth the money I pay for the concierge service. Dr. Couch has alot of experience, yet he his young enough to be on the leading edge of everything medical, including nutrition, and a more natural approach to health, which is important to me.
Since I have been seeing him, and following his advice about supplements, and diet, I have noticed a big improvement in my overall health.
I have confidence that Dr. Couch will always watch out for my health with enthusiasm and committment.