Amazing Dr. Josh Bloomberg

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| March, 7 2024 | for Josh Bloomberg, DO, FABIM

My husband has Alzheimer’s, so I have
to make his medical decisions. A few months ago he had a symptom requiring a visit to a urologist who was recommended by Dr. Bloomberg. After many tests, the specialist said he should have a surgical procedure, which really worried me because of his Alzheimer’s. When I asked Dr. Bloomberg’s opinion, he called the urologist and then called me, explaining the procedure and recommending that we go ahead with it, due to the possibility of a much more serious situation if we didn’t. The procedure went well, and my husband was taken to our Health Care Center. Dr. Bloomberg visited him there right away and changed his medication to lessen his confusion, which worked very well. After his catheter was removed and he was stable on his feet, I was anxious to get him back into the Memory Care facility where he was relatively comfortable and could participate in stimulating activities. They were reluctant to discharge him from the Health Care Center, and it was only due to Dr. Bloomberg’s persistence in calling the head nurse twice and visiting once again that my husband was discharged to return to the Memory Care facility. When I relayed this story to our son, he said, “Dr. Bloomberg is worth his weight in gold”, and I certainly agree.
There have been many other occasions when I have called him with questions or concerns. He has always returned my calls and explained his answer in detail, allaying my fears, especially regarding my husband.
Dr. Josh Bloomberg not only lives up to the promises of MDVIP, but surpasses them as well. I am very grateful that my husband and I are his patients.