Appreciating Dr. Timony

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| March, 31 2024 | for Tracy M. Timony, MD

This happened over 10 years ago but I will never forget the experience. I had been an MDVIP member for less than a week when I stumbled into a nest of infuriated wasps on a Friday afternoon. Parts of me swelled up into a convincing impersonation of the Michelin Man, and my spouse was all set to haul me off to the emergency room, but first I thought I would just try calling the office of my newly acquired doctor, Dr. Tracy Timony, although I wasn't too hopeful. It was, after all, a Friday afternoon... Not only did she answer, but within half an hour I had a prescription waiting at my pharmacy, and soon thereafter I was back to my usual (non-Michelin) self, sparing me the trauma of the local hospital emergency room. I realized then -- and have never altered my opinion -- that becoming a patient in Dr. Timony's practice was one of the best decisions I ever made. Thank you!