An appreciation of Dr. Raymond Matta

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| March, 27 2020 | for Raymond J. Matta, MD
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I am forever grateful to a friend, a well known surgeon, who referred me to Dr. Raymond Matta some 44 years ago. The first thing one notices as a patient who sees Dr. Matta for the first time is the fact that he is a healthy individual. Healthy in body and mind. He is already a role model for the patient. If I have not had any major health issues (I don’t consider kidney stones and hernias major issues) over the years is a tribute to Dr. Matta's vigilant care. As a health professional I can fully appreciate the depth and breadth of his knowledge. As a patient I marvel at the indisputable evidence of his compassion and empathy. He really likes people and genuinely wants to help them. My boundless confidence in him is a great source of comfort as I am well past the three scores and ten threshold. I have always had complete confidence in Dr. Matta. He has at all times been approachable and available without ever making me feel rushed even when clearly inundated with other demands. And all of this was true for all the years before I signed-up for MDVIP. It it is a privilege to be under his care. I hold him in the highest esteem, pray for his good health and hope that he will continue caring for his devoted patients for a very long to come.