Atul K. Sachdev, MD: Our Family Physician

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| December, 14 2022 | for Atul K. Sachdev, MD

Dr. Sachdev has been our family physician for approximately twenty-seven years. He has been very caring and personable to me and my husband Don. We lived in the country of Panama for three and a half years and even there Dr. Sachdev was always a phone call away being available to provide his guidance and advise and when we would come home to visit family, he made his schedule available for us to conduct our physicals.
He is very prompt in responding to us for any of our needs our concerns 24/7.
We moved back to the United States in 2021 and even though we live one and a half hours away from his office we would not consider changing physicians.
When you have the best in the field and the comfort of having a physician that truly cares about you as a person it's totally priceless.