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| November, 5 2021 | for Louis B. Malinow, MD

Lou Malinow is the best doctor I have ever dealt with. Not only is he my doctor but I consider him my friend. One quick story please.
I see Lou on a regular basis. At least 4 times a year. Lou knows my medical history better than anyone. When Lou saw my PSA numbers, he wanted further testing done even though the numbers were still quite low. However, the number did go up percentage wise. Lou’s staff setup an appointment with by regular Urologist. This Urologist was recommended by Lou. When I met with this Urologist, and he saw my number, and what test Lou was ordering, his comment to me was, “probably Lou just overreacting “. I thought nothing of it at the time. When the test results came back the Urologist wanted to take some biopsies just to be safe. I still thought nothing about it. A few days after they took the biopsies I get a call from the Urologist that he would like to see me. Now I’m getting concerned. My anxiety was kicking in so I asked my wife to go with me. When the Urologist entered the room and sat down I could tell something was not right. He said, “Mr Holland you have prostate cancer”. I almost fell over. He further stated, “with the PSA where it was and the physical exam of the prostate showing it to be normal, he would have recommended I come back in a year”. My response was, WOW!!
The Urologist looked at me and said, “Lou saved your life”. We then setup was we would do moving forward. I said, that’s fine, but I want Lou consulted on everything we do moving forward. He agreed. Hopefully I’m now fully recovered. Lou Malinow saved my life because he took those extra precautions and went that extra mile for his patient. I will be forever grateful for taking that extra time and saving my life. I tell him that and he just says, “that’s my job”.
He can say what he wants. To me he will always be my guardian Angel.
Thanks Lou. You’re the best❤️❤️