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| January, 17 2024 | for Joseph Genovese, DO, FCCP
Image provided by: Laura

Dr J Genovese has a delightful personality. Even when he’s under the weather he is pleasant and driven to making me feel better. There was a specific few months that I was at my wits end, continuously wheezing from my asthma even after doses of antibiotics and prednisone. Dr G kept vigilant in changing my inhaler and having me try different inhalers until I found the one that worked! His dose of positivity message monthly always gets me thinking and puts a smile on my face. I am blessed to have found a doctor who truly cares. I’m thankful that he is supportive with my weight loss as well. Losing the weight has added years to my life, years that I can enjoy more of my grandson. Dr Genovese is Simply the Best!!