Being frank with Dr. Frank!

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| March, 9 2024 | for Frank J. Contacessa, MD
Image provided by: David

I was skeptical about this young doctor taking over Dr. Marks’ MDVIP practice.; Dr. Marks was my physician for many many years. Dr. Frank Contacessa was the right choice from the get-go. The introduction interview was all encompassing. He was prepared for us. We were prepared for him and I have never regretted the decision to proceed for one moment. Some cardiac issues were heavy on my mind and of course they occurred on a weekend. I could hear Dr. Contacessa‘s family in the background when I called him late that Saturday night. He made me feel very comfortable and very cared for and requested that I send him, some of the measurements I had taken myself and to follow up with him again the next day. His in-depth caring stays with me to this very day. and he does have a puppy almost as cute as mine; sorry, Doc Dr. Frank, I truly feel I found a new friend over the months of our fine relationship. Thank you and God bless.