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| February, 16 2024 | for Laurie B. Feuer, MD

My doctor is Dr. Laurie Feuer. I simply cannot put into words how much I love, respect and appreciate her. Dr. Feuer is not only your doctor but someone who feels like your friend. Dr. Feuer always goes above and beyond. She saved my husband's life from prostate cancer by paying attention to tests and being so thorough. Dr. Feuer wants to help you maintain your best health, but you also know that it doesn't just stop there. You feel and know that she really cares about you. She listens to what you say as well as what you don't say. During difficult times in my life--stress, death in the family, etc., Dr. Feuer didn't simply stop at my medical exam, she could tell something was different about me and asked what was going on. She did not have to do that; I had not said anything to her. But that is who she is. Dr. Feuer cares about the "whole" you. She listens and is always comforting. I have been with Dr. Feuer (I believe) since she got out of medical school. At times, she feels more like my daughter than my doctor. She is the best; there is no other way to put it and I love her dearly.