Best Doc ever!

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| March, 10 2024 | for Robert P. Zaino, MD
Image provided by: David

My wife and I have been with Doctor Robert P. Zaino for over 20 years and we both agree that he is the best doctor we have ever had for the following reasons:

He is extremely knowledgeable about his profession. He has resolved many issues for us over the years, including managing my type 2 diabetes, BPH issues, and helping to get my high cholesterol under control. He has helped my wife Diane with numerous medical issues as well and she feels that she couldn't be under better care.

He is compassionate! He calls when we have issues that require attention. He has calls us on weekends and nighttime hours to make sure that all is well, and if not, he sets up a time to see us in office. He goes above and beyond!

He is personable. He has a great sense of humor while maintaining the highest level of care. He makes us feel that he is genuinely concerned about our health.

He is dedicated! We know that he always has our best interest in mind as evidenced by his tireless efforts to make sure we are doing well as we transition to the latter stages of our lives.

We will remain under the care of Doctor Zaino as long as he is practicing medicine. We both hope that he stays in the profession for many years to come.