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| March, 11 2020 | for David R. Carver, MD
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Dr. Carver is a wonderful physician. He and his team follow through on the tiniest of details and always seem to be available and cheerful no matter what day or what time it is. We feel very lucky to have Dr. Carver as our "Main Man" among physicians. His knowledge of our cases is remarkable. He always knows the relevant background about us and takes into account each individual's situation for diagnosis and treatment. During my annual physical he knew, off the top of his head, the result of a test that was run on me ten years previously. It gives us peace of mind in our travels to know he is always available. On one occasion we were travelling and while in Singapore had a problem filling a prescription. We called Dr. Carver and he worked with the pharmacist to solve the problem from 12,000 miles away. These are a few of the reasons why we have such confidence in him.