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| January, 18 2024 | for Robert Miles, MD
Image provided by: Jane

Dr. Robert Miles, better known as Bobby, has been my primary care doctor for the last 24 years. I acquired him when I married my late husband in 2000 since my doctor had retired. Fortunately, I am blessed with very good health so have not had to be treated very often, but when I do need a doctor, I never have a problem reaching him since he gave me his cell phone number. His staff is also very on the ball and helpful. I love the fact that he took great care of my husband who died at age 100 and who also was super healthy. He played tennis until age 95 and recovered quickly from knee replacement surgery at age 98 with Bobby's blessing. Bobby is not a pill pusher like most doctors which is a great asset. He never rushed through an appointment, but always seems genuinely interested in my situation and well being. I just pray that I die before he retires or dies since I'll never find another great doctor like Bobby Miles. I'm 92 years old so I think my prayers will be answered.