Beyond the Call

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| March, 21 2023 | for Gregory A. Hood MD MACP FRCP

My husband had a stroke and yet failed to even mention anything at all the entire day that this happened. He finally mentioned at dinner that he wasn't seeing right and I then asked what he meant, how did he see me standing in front of him? He then said he could see half of me and the other half was smoky, unclear. I said we need to go to the emergency room immediately. He refused. I then went into another room and texted my he is available to me 24/7 due to his being an MDVIP doc. He texted back immediately to go to the emergency room IMMEDIATELY...not a moment to lose. I showed my husband his message and only then would he recognize what had happened to him and said yes. Thanks to my doctor Gregory Hood, who really does go the extra 100 miles with his patients! my husband went to the ER and was seen immediately and cared for. This is why I am his patient. He is a true and real doctor, one who cares for others and is available at all times. I am beyond grateful for him.