Born to be a doctor

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| July, 15 2020 | for Steven D. Lampinen, MD

Dr. Lampinen has been my doctor for many years, and a friend for many more. He knew early that he wanted to be in medicine and I'm so glad he chose the career that he did. He takes care of my family, and was present the moment my father had a stroke. Dr. Lampinen immediately recognized my father had not just fallen asleep, but had a stroke in the office and had him in an ambulance in no time flat. My dad experienced an excellent outcome because the doctor knew him so well, understood his history, and could tell what was normal for my father and what wasn't. Dr. Lampinen also pressed for me to have additional testing when I had breast calcifications, not an uncommon thing, but they were close together which was problematic. This led to a series of diagnostic tests and ultimate removal of the calcifications and surrounding tissue. He made sure I was scheduled quickly and with one of the best oncologists in the valley to deal with the issue. The area was pre-cancerous and I was monitored closely for some time after. I credit Dr. Lampinen with pushing me when I was scared, and explaining to me in great detail what was going on in my breast tissue, thus taking away a lot of fear. I have a lot of quirky health issues, and he's familiar with what will work for me and what won't. During this pandemic, he's been working so hard with his patients, and making all the necessary changes needed to practice safely while still remaining accessible. It's been challenging for sure, but he and his staff have been great.