A Caring Man and Fine Doctor

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| March, 6 2024 | for Vasilios C. Kalonaros, MD

Dr. Vasilios Kalonoris is the caring, personable family doctor that we all recall from our youth and have such difficulty finding today. He is caring, warm and highly relatable, with a 21st-century “Dr’s Bag” full of knowledge. My husband and I have been impressed with, how as an internist, Dr. K is well-versed regarding specific medical specialties.

He is a patient listener who responds with expertise, compassion and reassurance. He is highly professional yet warmly relatable sometimes sharing relevant anecdotes from his own life.

In this era of huge corporate medical practices, it is comforting to have found a primary care physician who has command of current medical knowledge, a deep sense of humanity, and who greets us by our names, not the numbers in our birthdates.