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| March, 10 2024 | for Barry Schumer, MD

I've enjoyed being Dr. Schumer's patient for the last 22 years. He respected the informed consent aspects of our relationship. I've been blessed with good health and few medical problems. I especially appreciated the respect he showed when I refused Covid19 "vaccine". I'm not a supporter of vaccines in general. As confirmed especially now with the evidence of the dangers mRNA becoming more public. I used Ivermectin as a prophylactic during the Pandemic and it proved very beneficial and effective. I sourced Ivermectin in paste form from my own horse farm equine supply. I knew the history of the success of Ivermectin for humans long before it was successfully introduced to livestock. I was dismayed by the general medical profession's characterization of this Nobel Prize winning wonder drug as "dangerous horse wormer" and a mainstream media's lie that it had killed someone. I knew the pharmaceutical industry had perpetuated that false claim for financial reasons.

Dr. Barry Schumer is an excellent physician and ultimately friend. My experience with the MDVIP program has been very satisfactory.