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Thom and Pat
| March, 10 2020 | for Thomas Pitoscia, MD

The three descriptors in the title encapsulates what makes Dr Pitoscia stand out among others. My wife was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease by a neurologist who offered very little follow up information. It’s very sad that a patient has to rely on the internet for information about her disease. Dr Pitoscia was able to assuage many of her fears and took the time to explain her disease.
Both Pat and I have our yearly physicals which are extremely comprehensive so much so that my Cardiologist remarked how detailed the blood work was. Dr Pitoscia is a doctor one can rely on to be there for you at anytime to answer questions and address concerns.
His extensive knowledge of medicine coupled with his genuine concern and emotional support for each for his patients is a laudable and unique attribute. These qualities are priceless to a patient and sets Dr Pitoscia far and above so many others.