Charles Somers review of Dr. Karl Edelmann

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| July, 21 2021 | for Karl J. Edelmann, MD, FAAFP
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I have been seeing Dr. Karl Edelmann for years. In all the years I have been seeing him helped me physically with my medical issues but also mentally. When my brother commit suicide he was there to listen to me and help me with my depression. When I had to have major back surgery he was there to answer some of the questions I had. When the back surgery was not as successful as it was hoped. Dr. Edelmann again talk and listened to help me through the depression
of surgery not going as well as I hoped. I broke 3 ribs falling on the ice. I went to hospital and the next day call to get an appt. to see Dr. Edelmann and I was seen that same day. Once there he explained what could be done. I fell carrying a piece of furniture down some stairs and broke 3 bones in my back.
Dr Edlemann took all the time I need to understand what bones broke and what could be done. I had to have my knee replaced and before I decided to have it done I went to Dr. Edelmann to understand the procedure and any information to help me decide. I had the knee replaced and the pain in my knee is still there after one year. Once again Dr. Edelmann explain the possibilities that may be causing the pain and suggestions that may help with the pain. When I needed to see the Dr. and called they got me in right away. I have been treated with respect anytime I go to see Dr. Edelmann from the receptionist (Paula), the (Nurse Sandi) Kerri who does my talking for me with Medicare/Insurance/approvals for medications and I can talk to her anytime and she will stop what she is doing to listen. Paula works with me on my apts with the doctor among other issues and Sandi Well, if she ever was in a bad mood I assure you I have never seen it. I see the doctor often because of my chronic issues. All the persons I have mention are always smiling, polite and understanding. I also want to mention that there are others working in the office I just don't know their names but rest assure they are of the same caliber. I feel more confident in my health issues and I feel better informed since Dr. Edelmann became a MDVIP Doctor because of the Wellness Program. I hear of other people complaining of
issues with their Doctor office visits. I can honestly say I have no complaints.