Christopher Bates, MD, Belinda Heywood, PA-C, and Staff

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| March, 17 2024 | for Christopher Bates, MD, FACP

I first met Dr. Bates when he was caring for my late Mother-in-Law until she passed at age 96. I became his patient when his partner, my physician of 40 years retired. Since I observed the excellent care he provided my Mother-in-Law for many years, I asked to become his patient which was before he joined MDVIP. His attention and care have been exemplary and always made me feel that my health and well-being was his primary concern. He is warm, kind, attentive, thorough and patient. Having a debilitating chronic pain disorder, CVID, and multiple other medical challenges that frequent a woman of 75 years, those attributes certainly have helped me deal with the hurdles I have endured. This past year has been the most difficult for me with concerning symptoms. Collaborating with Dr. Bates, I have been under the care of Belinda Heywood, PA-C who displays ALL of those same attributes as he and has been a bonus to my medical and emotional well-being as I approach this last chapter of my life. She carefully listens, demonstrates great empathy and has cautiously proceeded to find answers and solutions to make my life better. I have complete confidence in her and Dr. Bates to make the best medical decisions to help me make the most in my final years. I must mention the professionalism and patience of their office staff. At no time have I felt to be an inconvenience and the warmth they display is so much appreciated. My biggest worry as my husband approaches retirement is that the expense of membership to MDVIP will be prohibited due to the lessening of income and, therefore, lose the ability to continue as their patient at the probable most needed and critical time of my life. For now, I am grateful to have the care I am receiving.