A compassionate and competent physician

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| March, 11 2024 | for Rebecca Franzi-Osborne, MD

I had a bad cold that lasted three weeks in mid November last year. My doctor had me in her office two hours after I called to report the cold. After consultation she ordered a chest XRay which showed a shadow. Through further image assistance it was determined that it was a lung nodule that was biopsied and was cancerous. Dr. Osbourne had me in an oncologist office before the biopsy was complete. He recommended lung surgery if the finding was cancerous and that it was occurred. Dr. Osbourne was compassionate, involved and "owned the issue." We had many phone conversations to go through results, care plans, etc. Through it all Rebecca served as my "side kick" and supporter. I truly appreciate her involvement. My wife (who also is a MDVIP client) think we are cared for in a compassionate, knowledgable, and involved physician.