Compassionate and thorough

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| February, 13 2024 | for Ann K. Kuenker, DO
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Dr. Kuenker is the most compassionate and thorough doctor I’ve had. With my serious health issues. I truly believe I wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for her treatment and counseling. With a patient like me with ongoing and serious health issues. She has reached out to other physicians on my behalf to ensure my treatment is moving forward and well planed. She takes the time no matter how busy to ensure all aspects are covered during my appointments. No matter if you’re heath issues are big or small the patient can be assured very detail is covered. Doctor Kuenker has made a huge impact in my chronic health issues and recovery during the period I’ve treated with her. I highly recommend that she receive recognition and acknowledgment for the commitment to excellence shown in her profession. She has what I’ve seen slacking in most doctors today. The caring on an individual and personal level for her patience issues and showing true compassion, understanding and patience of what patient and their family members are experiencing. From the diagnosis, treatment, procedures to the recovery process, going above and beyond. Again showing true concern and compassion for those she has the pleasure to serve.