Concern Is Justified

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| March, 9 2024 | for Gail M. Fennell, MD

Dr. Fennell has been monitoring blood counts, which have mostly been within normal limits with the exception of one in particular. On at least three occasions she suspected an issue that might be causing an anomaly. Finally after the latest blood test, again for other routine conditions she was certain that the results indicated a loss of blood somewhere internally. Dr. Fennell immediately advised to see the gastroenterologist for further testing of the issue. As it turns out, a small area of the intestine is in fact bleeding slowly, and likely has been for some time. We were advised that the condition can be corrected with a minor procedure. Given that my wife's current health is somewhat compromised by a number of conditions, well aware of by Dr. Fennell, it is her medical acumen, concern and diligence that most always results in an accurate diagnosis. And, even if the further testing shows nothing of concern, it is always in our best interest to be cautious. It has been and continues to be a privilege and a blessing to have Dr. Gail Fennell providing medical care for out family.