congratulating my doctor and the MDVIP model

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| April, 4 2024 | for flash gordon, md

It makes sense to me that my doctor, dr. gordon, chose to practice under the MDVIP model. I have known him for quite some time, as I have had a career in the health care field and he was my husband's doctor as he battled chronic lymphocytic leukemia for many years. Dr. gordon is not only a well-read and knowledgeable doctor, but he is compassionate and values the doctor/patient relationship. He is thorough in his dealings with all issues related to his patients' health, and he manages to have a wonderful sense of humor through it all.
I have always been able to make appointments with him in a timely manner, and if I need to hear from him or talk to him, he never fails to call or text me.
I feel secure under his care and confident that if there are any personal medical issues that require attention, I'll be able to address them with his help.