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| March, 1 2024 | for Erinn E. Beagin, MD
Image provided by: Deborah

One of the best decisions I made in my life was retaining Dr. Erinn Beagin as my primary physician. Not only is she one of the finest professionals I have ever know, but she is such a great human being. I look forward to my visits with her. It is like visiting a best friend who you adore, can trust, confide in and know that she "has your back" not only for your health and wellness but for your life. There are numerous occasions that come to mind when I think of why she is so special, but I will always remember the morning of Sunday, December 3, 2023 preparing to go to a church service when I experienced an excruciating pain and cough. Although a Sunday morning and not wanting to disturb her, I remembered she always told me, " I am here if you need me." I called her office immediately and she returned my call in less than 10 minutes. Although I was frightened and in pain, her calm voice on the phone provided me much comfort and reassurance that I did the right thing in calling her. She then proceeded to assess the situation, listened intently, offered me guidance and specific measures to take and as they say,"the rest is history". She monitored my health the entire day, and once she recognized the situation was deteriorating, she strongly advised I go to the hospital. I was admitted soon thereafter to the hospital where I was diagnosed with pneumonia. She remained in contact with me, and the team of doctors the entire time I was in the hospital and throughout my recovery.

As a Broadway veteran, professional tap dancer, and choreographer, Dr. Beagin understands what I do, appreciates the importance of my physical well being especially as a performing artist, my lifestyle and my great joy of dance. She is interested in the wellness of my life and all that is uniquely me. She is an integral part of my life, a blessing and a life saver. Dr. Beagin keeps me on my feet!