Congratulations Dr. Becker for being named a 2018 Top Doctor

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| May, 13 2018 | for Frederic S. Becker, MD

Congratulations Dr. Becker for being named a 2018 Top Doctor !

Dr. Becker has been my doctor now for nearly eleven years. When he became a MDVIP doctor I was one of the first to sign up with him. I did not want to loose the best of the best doctors around. I voted him a Top Doctor eleven years ago and have always given him an A+ for the care that and compassion he has given me! I had a major battle with cancer back in December 2011. I feel I would not be her today if it was not for the care Dr. Becker gave me and all the other specialist he got for me to fight this dreadful disease. He has excellent bedside manners. He has a great sense of humor and is an extremely good listener as well.
There is no question how much he cares for his patients and wants to get to know them as a person and keep them well. Now that he is part of the MDVIP group I am so now privileged to know is wonderful wife Lorne as well. Even though I only see him about twice a year this is an excellent insurance policy for me. I also want Dr. Becker on my team fighting for me and keeping me well at the same time. If the big C ever comes back I will have him at the helm to rescue me once again as he did in 2011.