A continuing warm hug

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| February, 21 2024 | for Aruna R. Kola, MD

Some of this is repeat but we met Dr. Kola when our long time family doctor, who introduced us to MDVIP, retired approximately three years ago.
I was not initially sure that we would stay; we were so invested in our friendship/partnership with Dr. Belote, who could possibly replace him? Completely an unnecessary worry!
To visit with Dr. Kola is first to feel the comfort of a warm embrace, even if it's just her smile because germs are everywhere! From the minute I arrive, Marlene and Mary make you feel like you are THE only patient they have on their rolls. A fair amount of angst I might be feeling by walking in vanishes.
Dr. Kola wasn't in the practice two months before my husband's cognitive issues imploded into a dramatic dementia decline. She literally moved mountains trying to preserve what skills he had and maximize his time, at home. Within a few months it was very apparent that residential care was the only solution for him and in the now three years time she has never failed to ask about him. Or how I'm doing walking this profoundly sad road.
Despite life's challenges I try to encompass the time I have and stay healthy: my numbers are always fine; the packaging a bit "off." No chiding, no recriminations. Suggestions, yes, but always with the knowledge that some days are better than others. No shaming from her or her staff. Ever!
It's hard to grow old, harder still to be on this long, lonely walk home with my husband. Dr. Kola constantly assures me that I'm OK, and that I will be OK and to focus on what I have and that is time with him. So it is.
Some gifts are priceless; my experience with these fine people are truly that: priceless.