Couldn't have survived without you!

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| March, 25 2020 | for Stephen W. Rex, MD

Dr. Rex was an amazing source of information, coordination, and calm during the last tumultuous six months when my husband had two emergency surgeries, two admissions to the ER, and an overwhelming cascade of side-effects and consequences of his surgeries. My husband was in combined hospital and rehab for over a month and coming home was not a picnic either. Thank goodness, Dr. Rex was there to coordinate and interpret the complicated results from the cluster of specialists who were involved in my husband's care. And he was able to calm the concerns of the older children who watched developments from across the country. And when my husband had taken to talking about his funeral, Dr. Rex was able to bring me perspective that this depression and confusion was an effect of the disease process and would fade. As indeed they did. Our little family could not have survived without Dr. Rex and his faithful office team, available and sympathetic at all hours. I never want to live through anything like this again, but I know we couldn't be in better hands.