Couldn’t leave Dr Lee

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| April, 3 2024 | for Charis A. Lee, MD, FACP

I have been with Dr Charis Lee for 13 years. Prior to that I had several primary Drs. I must say I have never had the confidence, care and compassion as I have had with Dr Lee. When she moved to MDVIP I knew I had to go with her. My first visit was over 1 hour!!!!! All my health concerns were discussed, treated and followed up on by her and her amazing office staff. The brand new office was lovely, bright and inviting. I have received emails offering helpful information regarding health updates in general. I have, through Dr Lee, a 1 1/2 hour evaluation scheduled. It involves all lab work, hearing, eye tests as well as any testing Dr Lee feels is needed for me. It will be sent out and returned with a comprehensive result. In conclusion I cannot recommend Dr Lee or any of the other physicians more. ( I know them all through the other office where they practiced together). And lastly, MDVIP is amazing!!!!!!