Daniel Lumian, Brilliant Physician

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| March, 11 2020 | for Daniel R. Lumian, MD

My wife and I have been seeing Doctor Lumian for many years, and no matter what we bring to him, he is always ready with extraordinary and considerable knowledge and makes us feel relaxed about our condition. When my wife had a bad breast exam and biopsy, he correctly told her that her condition would more of an inconvenience instead of a life threatening event. I was there for that appointment, and we left his office extremely relieved, and rightly so. Her process with this situation was exactly what Doctor Lumian said it would be. When I needed a Hip Replacement, Doctor Lumian not only did my pre-op examination, but he showed up, and attended my surgery. Daniel Lumian is truly a great Doctor, and our lives have been made better knowing he is there with us.