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| April, 24 2023 | for Christopher Edge, DO, ACOFP
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I loved my internal medicine MD, we called him “ Dr. “B”, he was a great person and Physician/Friend. The community mourned our loss.
I was becoming lost in navigating the HealthCare System and I am a MSRN who did 40 years of nursing. Boy , If I am lost I thought; what about those people who haven’t had any healthcare training. Wow! This Healthcare System is changing so fast and only for the best interest of the stockholders. The caring of patients has had a “ paradigm shit” to caring for “ corporate”. Dang!
I needed a physician, not just anyone. They had to be “ a real human” capable of sharing themselves with their patients. I afraid to be honest, even if a mistake was made, caring ; I really should say compassionate about helping those who come for help. A knowledge physician and one of understanding “ me- Rita the human”.
So ? Hmm Who do I go see??? The physician I wanted to see from Drs group I was not allowed to see. So I decided I would find someone I was comfortable talking with.
I recalled greeting or trying to greet as many physicians on rounds as I could. I attended early morning and evening reports and kept up with what was going on with the patients on my unit. I made rounds, I pitched in when the heart cath clients came to us for recovery. I knew the physicians well , my staff capabilities.

Fast forward a couple of years. Oh I hurt my back so badly, improper lifting techniques of I thought was a hollow lead pipe. I heard and felt the “ pops” . Dr Edge hung with me! He saw me as frequently as I needed, he ordered PT, gave me steroid injections and pain medication. Yes! Pain medications that were effective and never abused! In fact, I have developed several “ rare diseases now. Tourettes Syndrome, Post Concussion Syndrome, Adrenal Insufficiency and Bronchiectesis.
I see Dr Edge monthly, sometimes I require a lot of his time and care. I see a lot of other physicians as well. A cardiologist, pulmonologist, neurologist, a Habit reversal therapist, my list goes on and on.
I guess what my story boils down to is Love For Another Human Being. That is how I would describe My Confidant, Friend, and Physician.
I love you Dr Edge. Thank you for caring for me.