The Devoted Dr Biby

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| February, 15 2024 | for Biby Rajan-George, MD

I've been a patient of Dr Biby Rajan-George's for over a year and a half & feel that I've finally found the perfect fit for me. I have had appointments with her PA, Lynn Neuburger and find her to be professional and thorough, as well as friendly. Dr. Biby's office staff are always warm and welcoming, attentive, good at returning calls and answering questions. They are prompt when making referral appointments and in general very professional. I would expect nothing less since they have a great boss.
It's hard to describe Dr. Biby adequately because I think so highly of her. I love that I never feel like just another patient, but rather someone that she genuinely cares about. She is always very pleasant and down to earth. It's very easy to speak to her on a personal level and also when discussing health issues. She listens intently to my concerns and I never feel rushed. Dr. Biby is very thorough in the care that she gives. I feel that she covers all the bases and makes informed recommendations for my care, taking into consideration my family health history and my current medical needs. I am very fortunate to call Dr Biby Rajan-George my general practitioner and would highly recommend her to others