A Doctor that Listened and Changed My Life

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| January, 18 2024 | for Karen C. Dantin, MD

When I first found Dr. Karen Dantin, my regular doctors were only treating symptoms. I had 7 prescriptions yet I still felt constantly fatigued, mentally cloudy, depressed and couldn't shed the extra pounds. After enrolling, Dr Dantin took a plethora of blood work, pulled my old records and I completed did the "Annual Screening" full assessment. I returned and together we reviewed my results where each one was explained to me. We made changes, removing the heavy metals found in my system and with food and supplements we replaced some missing key components my body needed to function and heal itself. We carefully obtained and revisited my lab results on a regular basis until I was able to get off 90% of my prescriptions and I started returning to my normal weight. I feel better, I sleep better, my mental fog has lifted, and I'm so much happier! I feel like Dr. Dantin and her staff have taken a personal interest in my well-being and I have improved my health by following their directions. I brought my family members and friends to her; all of whom have seen a big difference in their well-being as well. She investigates until she gets to the core issue of the problem and does not just "slap a bandage" on the symptoms. I don't know if she and her office will truly know how much I appreciate them and their dedication, work ethic, care and attention; but I know I feel it. I love the MDVIP program and feel that it is worth the expense and I wish everyone could have Dr. Dantin and her team as their primary care provider.