Doctor Omer Rocks!!

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| March, 13 2020 | for Jeffrey T. Omer, MD

I cannot say enough about Doctor Jeffrey Omer. He sets the standard for other doctors. He is committed, professional, compassionate, emphatic, understanding, honest, optimistic, and all qualities one would want in a doctor.
Doctor Omer was my Doctor before MDVIP, and honestly, he was always a phone call away, with outstanding service, making Marcus Welby, MD (old TV show ) look average.
Too many medical issues to list, but Doctor Omer is on top of them all, with referrals to the best of specialists.
I would, and do, highly recommend Doctor Omer, as he’s not only outstanding in my opinion, but other doctors and medical professionals as well.
Neat to hear the nurses compliment him, saying he shows them equal respect, and how much they appreciate him.
His reputation in the medical community is speaks volumes.
Happy Doctor’s Appreciation Day Doctor Omer, and thank you for your patience, and helping me get through difficult times. You truly are the best!!