Doctor Steve is my friend

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| February, 12 2024 | for Steven T. Hoshiwara, MD
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I've been blessed to have been a patient of Steve Hoshiwara for thirty years. The relationship first started with an upper respiratory infection .... it was just a brief interaction, but I noticed immediately that I was more than just another "cold" for him to treat. Rather, I was a whole person instead of an individual who was just struggling with a cold.

It was Steve who diagnosed my gallbladder was failing. It was Steve who first noticed an elevated PSA and encouraged I seek immediate treatment with the best urologist specializing in the treatment of prostate cancer. It was Steve who felt nodules in my Thyroid and after a period of watchful waiting, helped me seek treatment by an ENT. Through all my major and minor ailments, Steve's focus never wavered ..... with Christian compassion, sensitivity, love, and yes, "hugs" ...... I've always left his office in better shape than when I entered. Physically, I still may have been suffering from my ailment of the day, but mentally I've always left with a "spring in my step" and a "song in my heart".