Doctor Trojanovich is just the greatest!!!

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| March, 29 2024 | for Christopher A. Trojanovich, MD, MPH

The best moment that comes to mind is a camping trip a few years ago. After arriving at the campground, 400 miles from home, I realized I had forgotten an important medication. After trying to go without the medication for a couple of days, I knew I would have trouble driving home across three high Colorado mountain passes, and negotiating the winding roads, while towing a 23 foot trailer. After pondering the options, I knew I had to contact Dr. T for help. Knowing that he’s in the office from dawn to dusk, I called his cell phone at daybreak and he answered on the first ring. I explained my predicament and he immediately identified the nearest pharmacy and sent in the needed prescription. What a sigh of relief! He saved the day and enabled me to enjoy the rest of our camping trip. This is just one small example of the excellent care Dr. T gives all of his patients. At all times, he goes out of his way to make himself available when needed, and I am so thankful to have him in my life.