A Doctor Who Deeply About His Patients

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| February, 14 2024 | for A. M. Marland, MD

Dr. Al 'Mac' Marland is truly an outstanding doctor who deeply cares about his patients. Last year, I had a fast-growing Squamish Cancer on my arm. I called my demonologist, Dr. Chris Schmidt, for an appointment, but he was seriously ill and was not seeing any patients. His receptionist said that Dr. Lee was seeing his patients, so I called Dr. Lee, but I did not receive a response. I called Dr. Marland and ask him to take a look at my arm. He immediately said to come by his office that afternoon. He confirmed that it was cancer and should be removed. I told him about the situation with Dr Schmidt and he said let's walk over to his office--Dr. Schmidt is in the same office complex. Dr. Marland told his receptionist that the cancer should immediately be removed, she made an appointment with Dr. Lee. Thank you Mac