A doctor who really cares

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| January, 19 2024 | for Merit F. Gadallah, MD

When's the last time you heard of a doctor spending this kind of time with a patient? Faced with a decision about how to best treat a serious medical condition that was diagnosed by a specialist doctor, I called the office and said I would like to speak with Doctor G, as he is affectionately called by the staff, to get his opinion. I was surprised when the office manager asked if it would be okay for him to call me on Saturday. Of course that was okay with me but I never expected my doctor to do that. On Saturday, I spent abut 30 minutes on the phone with Dr G but he wanted to do a little more research about my question so he asked if he could call me back on Sunday! Sunday afternoon we spent another 20 minutes on the phone and I left that call confident in how I wanted to go forward. Fast forward several months, the procedure is behind me, I fee great and am grateful for Dr G's generous sharing of his time and his wise counsel. I am very satisfied with my decision to join MDVIP and am fortunate to have such a good doctor who really cares.